Conference programme

FRIDAY 12 October 2018

 8:45-9:15am REGISTRATION Humanities Institute, UCD.

 9.15 Welcome

Maria Stuart (School of English, Drama, Film, and Creative Writing, UCD)

Danielle Clarke (Head of the School of English, Drama, Film and Creative Writing/Vice Principal for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion).

PANEL A                                                 9:30-11AM

Clinical Narratives

Chair: Margaret Leahy, (European Clinical Specialization Fluency Disorders).

Mary O’ Dwyer (Speech and Language Therapist, Cork/Kerry Community Healthcare) and Alex Warren:

‘Rethinking “Recovery”: The therapeutic exchange between the person who stutters and the therapist/person who does not stutter’.

Fiona Ryan (Speech and Language Therapist, HSE):

‘Women’s Voices: the silent side of stuttering’.

11-11:30 COFFEE BREAK (Humanities Institute)

PANEL B                                                11:30-1.15 PM

Hearing Voices

Chair: Ashley Taggart, (School of English, Drama and Film, UCD).

Maria Stuart (UCD):

‘“Easy Listening”: Landscapes of Reception, Altered Auditory Feedback and Revisiting The King’s Speech’.

Roshaya Rodness (McMaster University):

‘Hearing-Oneself-Stutter: The Phenomenology and Deconstruction of Delayed Auditory Feedback’.

Katherine Bischoping (York University, Toronto):

‘Making Sense of a Mayor’s Pause: A Comparison of Discourse, Conversation and Narrative Strategies’.

Yvon Bonenfant (UCC):

‘Hearing Resonant Tails: Disability, Agency and Peformative Voicing’.

 1.15-1.45PM LUNCH (Humanities Institute)

PANEL C                                                  1.45-3:15PM

Reading Voices

Chair: Fionnuala Dillane, (Associate Dean of Arts and Humanities, UCD).

Riley McGuire (University of Pennsylvania):

Our American Cousin, Our Dysfluent Nation: Transatlantic Stammering on the Victorian Stage’.

Daniel Martin (MacEwan University, Alberta):

‘Dysfluency and Embodied Mediation in Robert Browning’s “Mr Sludge, the Medium”’.

Susan Anderson (Sheffield Hallam University):

‘Dysfluency on the Shakespearean Stage’.

3:15- 3.30PM COFFEE BREAK (Humanities Institute)

PANEL D                                                 3.30- 5:00 AM

Vocal Authenticity

Chair: Kate Fama (School of English, Drama and Film, UCD).

Joshua St. Pierre (University of Alberta):

‘The Challenges of Stuttering Activism: Fluency, Dysfluency and the Production of Human Capital’.

Jonathon Linklater (Speech and Language Therapist, Speech Matters, Dublin):

‘On Becoming A Stutterer: Avoidance Reduction Therapy’.

Conor Foran (Artist and Graphic Designer):

‘Visualising Sound: Stammering Through Typography’.

 5.00-5.30 Wine Reception



Chris Eagle (Emory University):

Repetition or Insistence: The Aphasic Poetics of Stein and Joyce’.

Chair: Anne Fogarty, (Professor of James Joyce Studies, UCD).


8.30 Dinner at The Little Kitchen (Optional)*


*If you wish to attend the dinner, please register for this on the registration link.


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